reboot your body and Mind in 31 days...
and still have an amazing social life
Despite what you've always been told
it's actually possible to still have a great social life without having a single drink. 

I've been doing it for seven years. 
I'm about to show you how to do
it in only 31-days.
It was 4am on November 21st, 2012.

I had been up partying for 5 straight days.

I was scared.
My anxiety was through the roof.
I was completely overwhelmed with the fear of facing the next day.

So, I ended up in the psych ward for Thanksgiving, a detox center for my birthday on December 5th, and spent that Christmas and NYE at a rehab facility in Northern Michigan.

Not exactly my plan...

That decision and that plan ended up being made for me, not by me.

All those plans I had of waiting to make the change... nah,bro.
It was time, right now.
I had been pushing off what I knew had to be done for way too long

You're probably not in rehab right now, and you probably don't have anywhere near the consequences I had.

I only told you all that so that you know what's possible.

Everyone talks about doing a "dry January" to reboot their system.

But 80% fail by President's Day weekend.

Peer pressure's a bitch... then you give in.
How I Stopped Drinking
Without Killing My Social Life
When my drinking career abruptly ended and I had to change my life I was determined to keep my social life intact.

I was 38-years old, single, and moving to a brand new city... an entirely new coast actually.

I love going out to watch college football on Saturdays and the NFL on Sundays.

I wanted to keep going to concerts and to keep going to the street festivals that I love so much. 

There were going to be first dates and work parties.

On top of all this, we as humans are a social species, we love our tribes, we're pack animals. Having connections and social interaction is not a luxury, it's necessary to our survival and our well-being.
I went through some ups and downs learning how to live and socialize sober, I was the guinea pig for this program I'm offering you.

I quickly figured out what worked; personally, professionally and socially.

The methods I developed are right here so you don't have to miss a beat.

You can stop drinking and reboot your system for 31-days, or for good, and still have a kick-ass social life.

I'm living proof.

But first, let's look at a few things.
Your Excuses Suck
All you're doing by pushing it off is... well, pushing it off.
All you're doing is getting further out of shape.
Falling further down the corporate ladder.
Going further into the dog house.
All those excuses you've been using are bullsh*t.
You Still Haven't Done Anything About It
You said you would, but you haven't.
The holidays are over, now it's time.
You've been tossing the idea of a total body reboot around since Labor Day.
But you haven't done anything about it.
You Don't Know Where to Start
You know what you want, but you have no idea what to do.
You want to lose weight.
You want to be a better person.
You want to feel better about looking at yourself in the mirror.
"Hold up, I have questions..."
Won't my social life cease to exist if I stop drinking?

I won’t be able to do all the things that I love to do?

How am I going to go on dates?

What about golfing with my buddies?

My favorite band is coming to town next week?

I get it, I had all the same questions.

That's exactly why I have developed this program specifically so that you can keep doing all those things.

Honestly, you're going to feel so good, you'll be doing way more too.
The Truth About Not Drinking 
And Having A Kick Ass Social Life
🔥 Make Lasting Memories and Better Connections
🔥 Not Waking Up With Regret, Shame, Embarrassment, and Fear
🔥 More Energy All The Time, Especially In The Morning
🔥 More Productivity At Work and In Your Personal Life (make more $$$$$ and have better workouts)
🔥 Have More and Better Sex. Because Science.
🔥 Lose Excess Body Fat (look awesome naked)
🔥 Get In Better Shape (perform better in all areas of your life)
🔥 Be more present for your life
Introducing the
31-Day Total Body Reboot™
from The Unbreakable Man Project
I'm going to walk you through the steps and strategies I've used to maintain my social life for 7 years, and stay in the best shape of my life at 45 years old.

Learn how to handle any social situation with confidence, ease and without have a single drop of alcohol.

You will feel better than you've felt in years.
You will perform better at work, at the gym and in the bedroom.
What You Get Inside
The Unbreakable Man Project's
31 Total Body Reboot™
✅ Three emails per week around mindset, and the best strategies to create massive positive momentum in your life ($650 value)
✅ Access to the private Facebook Group; 31 Day Total Body Reboot
✅ One 30-minute coaching call ($150 value)
✅ One 60-minute Unbreakable Catalyst Call ($300 value)
✅ The Unbreakable Experience Visualization Method™ that has helped hundreds of people continue to live their life to the fullest without alcohol ($350 value)
✅ 3 full body workouts and nutrition tips ($350 value)
$1,800 Value
Normally $500
For January Only - $69
I Guarantee That If You Do Everything
I Have Outlined In This Program For 31 Days,
Your Whole Life Will Improve!
When I first got sober I quickly realized that sticking to the plan I had set out was the key to success.

When I was accountable to myself and I took pride in what I was doing I was actually able to stay sober and have the life I wanted unlike the times before when I would just give in after a week or three.

I promise, that if you commit and take pride in what you're doing for the next 31 days you will have success.

I can make all the promises in the world, but why don't you take the word of people who have been through the program already.

Client Testimonials

"I've realized that I no longer need alcohol as much as I used to."

"In just one month of working with Sam, my perspective on alcohol changed completely. I no longer need alcohol to fuel social situations and have become totally okay with simply saying 'no thanks' when offered a drink. 
Thank you, Sam!"

~Gavin M., Business Coach

"I finally created sustainable momentum
in my life."

"Going through Sam's 31-Day Total Body Reboot was, honestly, one of the most eye-opening things I've ever done.
I was able to be more present for my wife and kids and I lost my beer gut I'd had since college. I now have the tools and the energy to show up for my life."

Robert K., Wealth Manager

"My overall mindset is
rock-solid now."

"It's hard to admit but, I used to let self-limiting beliefs rule my life. I went from having a hard time trusting myself to being clear-headed and decisive in my career and my personal life. 
The visualization Sam teaches is a game-changer and
100% effective."

Daniel R., Commercial Real Estate Developer

"This was just the kick in the pants I needed."

"I'll be honest, I was slacking off, always saying next Monday, or next month. I finally took the leap and signed up for Sam's program.  After the first week I was already noticing shifts in my life. After the 31 days my whole life had shifted for the better. I can't emphasize enough how much this program helped me."

Mark G., Attorney
The Unbreakable Man Project's
31 Total Body Reboot™  is for you if:

✅ You Want to lose 10-15 pounds in the next 31 days
✅ You're questioning yourself about bad "life choices" around drinking
✅ You just want to take a break from drinking to detox and reset your system
✅ You don't want to sacrifice your social life
✅ You're tired of relying on "beer muscles and "liquid courage" to talk to girls
The Unbreakable Man Project's
31 Total Body Reboot™ is not for you if:
❎ You're perfectly happy with carrying around that beer gut
❎ You have zero desire to get in better shape
❎ You don't want to be more present for your life
❎ You're already perfectly fine going out without drinking
❎ You have tons of energy in the mornings after having "a few" drinks the night before
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